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West University fixer-upper asks $395K

Vintage house turned freestanding condo

2827 Shoal Crest Ave #1
Vox Real Estate

When you’re searching for a reasonably priced home in the central city, sometimes you just have to consider a fixer-upper—or maybe you even do so happily, if it’s an older house with charm and character and all that stuff, and you have the money, skills, and time to get it ship-shape and lovely again.

If so, a one-story, three-bedroom home built in 1930 might be one to consider. Located on the western edge of West University, it’s truly “nestled,” as these things go, in a fairly secluded pocket close to North Lamar and Shoal Creek.

On the upside, the wood-frame home has nifty architectural touches, such as arched doorways, wood floors, a red-brick fireplace, and a covered, bungalow-style front porch. The listing also mentions that a small third room has potential for conversion to a master bathroom and closet.Areas for improvement include the single existing bathroom, the lack of an HVAC system, numerous cosmetic issues, and possibly things that aren’t in the listing (it’s being sold “as-is”).

The house is a freestanding condo that shares its tree-covered lot with a newer home off the alley in back of the house. According to the listing, there are no HOA fees. Its address is 2827 Shoal Crest Avenue #1, and it’s listed by Vox Real Estate (no relation to Vox Media that we know of).