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Buy an Old Enfield bungalow with guest house for $895K

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Classic 1932 cottage in historic neighborhood

Short of a landmarked mansion costing in the multiple millions, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more classically Old West Austin home than this one. Located at 1506 Hartford Road in the Old Enfield section of the historic neighborhood, the one-story, brick house was built in 1932 and retains classic features of its era, including arched doorways, wood floors, and a fireplace.

The 1,398-square-foot front home on the property (there are two, sort of) has two bedrooms and one bathroom (with vintage pink and black tiles to boot) as well as a sitting area/office off the master bedroom.

Behind the home, along with a stone patio and landscaped garden beds, is a single-story, 627-square-foot guest house/detached apartment with a full kitchen, one bedroom, and one bathroom. It’s all listed by DEN Property Group.