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Vintage stone cottage with modern interiors seeks $725K

A beautiful blend in Rosedale

Guest house with bright yellow wall and window wall, view of courtyard, modern furniture
4313 Ramsey Avenue
Via Realty Austin

From the front, this one-story stone house looks typical of its era, if especially well-kept, restored, and endowed with a drought-resistant lawn of more recent vintage. Inside is a different story—a really good one. Built in 1935, it has been renovated to incorporate some attractive original features, including hardwood floors and a stone fireplace, with modern updates that lean toward midcentury in style and are bold in nature.

Somehow, it works; the result is a series of spaces that’s eclectic, balanced, and serene but maintains a sense of personality and fun. It makes sense when you learn that lauded local firm Clayton & Little is responsible for designing both the kitchen and the one-bedroom, one-bathroom casita behind the home.

Located in the Rosedale neighborhood, the 1,008-square-foot main house has two bedrooms and one bathroom. The new kitchen has a number of cook-friendly features as well as an abundance of counter space and storage. There’s a lovely courtyard and covered patios and walkways between the main home and the 400-square-foot guest house, creating a nice indoor-outdoor situation as well as private but welcoming entertainment space.

The home at 4313 Ramsey Avenue is available through Realty Austin.