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Mod rancher with elegant updates wants $680K

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Interiors lighten up classic 1967 home

Long, low-slung 1967 modern home with peaked asymmetrical roof, toned down yellow
8700 Point West Drive
Via Hindsite 20/20

If this ranch-style home at 8700 Point West Drive looks like the epitome of its era, that’s because it is. Built in 1967, it served as the sales model home for the Westover Hills development that was taking shape in northwest Austin at the time.

The “model” elements of the frame-and-brick home are right up front, featured in such things as its long, low-slung profile; an asymmetrical, slightly angled roof over the entrance; repeated vertical elements; and its clerestory and long row of picture windows.

While the one-story house’s exterior has been updated in a way that’s faithful to its original style, interior updates take a different approach. The extensive renovation is of the clean, contemporary type, which works well to lighten up the inside and leaves a few, telling 1967 details intact to good effect (see specifically the angled, clerestory windows, vaulted ceilings, and fireplace in the fourth bedroom and the slatted divider in the entranceway).

The 2,575-square-foot home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. as well as three living areas and a private, fenced backyard.