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Hyde Park charmer wants $619K

Built in 1925, this vintage gem has original hardwood floors, a spiral staircase, and a secluded backyard

Small white room of 1925 house with spiral staircase, white walls, blue walls, modern furniture
4516 Speedway
Courtesy of Coldwell Banker

On some Hyde Park streets, one can find unbroken rows of similar-size houses that are of various vintages and styles but create a vague sense of scale and symmetry. This 1,435-square-foot home is not on one of those streets, but it still suits a different kind of Hyde Park milieu, which can entail small- to mid-sized apartment and condo complexes clearly built for featureless function, a few duplexes that are all driveway/garage forward, and the odd, long brick 1970s house or small set of apartments destined to take a turn as a nursing home before its final rest.

Or all that could just be an excuse to focus on the charm and wit in the pleasantly remodeled home while noting that its occupants should probably be of a type that finds pleasure in being social, at least to the point where they know whose car is blocking their driveway.

Built in 1925, this particular vintage gem has original hardwood floors, a unique, wrought-iron, spiral staircase and secluded backyard (ooh! Could also be handy when it comes to the withdrawn, solitary time we all know our introvert friends need. )

It has three full bedrooms and two full bathrooms, plus some half baths here and there. The remodeled kitchen features abundant shelving, a gourmet range, and bar seating. The master bedroom’s French doors to a 530-square-foot deck and screened porch. Also to enjoy? A private outdoor shower, impeccable landscaping, pecan trees overlooking a peaceful creek, and a 750-gallon rain-barrel collection system. It’s an easy stroll to Shipe Park, and Hanalei Myers at Coldwell Banker will get you started.