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Renovated vintage home in woodsy Pemberton Heights asks $1.6M

One-story 1930s house has mod and original features

1106 Claire Avenue
Via Realty Austin

Unlike the many historic mansions that populate Pemberton Heights and Old West Austin more generally, this one-story clapboard house doesn’t take pains to show off its vintage. Built in 1938, the house has been updated and transformed into a modern cabin in the woods, if that cabin were a 2,796-square-foot luxury home and the woods were the trees along Shoal Creek.

Huge windows throughout the house—and particularly in the high-ceilinged living area in back, which looks like a later addition—look out on the surrounding foliage and harvest indirect light, contributing to that forested feeling. The covered back deck and private front patio expand that feel into vacation-spa territory, while the original hardwood floors, built-ins, and a few casement windows bring it all back home.

The four-bedroom, three-bathroom house is listed by Realty Austin.