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Compare Austin apartment rents to 99 other U.S. cities

City ranks as the 30th most expensive, with median rents in September largely unchanged from September 2018, according to Zumper

A city skyline with glassy towers and other buildings. Shutterstock

The median one-bedroom apartment rent in Austin at the start of September was $1,210 a month and the median two-bedroom rent was $1,530.

That is according to a report from real estate listings and research site Zumper, which tracked vacant and available apartments as of the first half of the month. So, while not comprehensive, it’s a pretty good gauge of the Austin market now—one showing high costs for Texas, but static ones as well.

Both medians were virtually unchanged from August and from September 2018—though the two-bedroom sum was up 2.7 percent year over year, Zumper said.

The totals also placed Austin squarely in the lower reaches of the top one-third nationwide in terms of cost. The city’s medians are half, if not well under half, of those in places such as San Francisco, New York, and Boston.

Still, the totals were enough to make Austin the second most expensive city in Texas for renting. Only Dallas was higher, with a one-bedroom median of $1,240 and a two-bedroom one of $1,710. See the chart below for a deeper breakdown.