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Midcentury modern by legendary architect seeks $989K

The West Lake Hills home by A.D. Stenger was built in 1962.

Built in 1962 and seemingly much modified since then, this one-story home in West Lake Hills isn’t necessarily the best example of the style of A.D. Stenger, the eccentric and prolific Austin architect and developer who designed and built homes in the 1950s and ’60s and has been called a “Hill Country Eichler.”

While most of the eccentricities and fun quirks we associate with both Stenger and with styles we loosely call “midcentury modern” are removed or downplayed in the brick, stone, and frame house, though, it retains enough of a flow—and a nice location—to encourage restoration in a style that resembles that of its era.

Or just think of it as a fine vintage home on its current merits. Measuring 2,013 square feet, the house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s located at 424 Brady Lane, on a verdant lot on a West Lake Hills street lined with trees and similarly styled and scaled homes. It still has some vaulted, beamed ceilings, along with hard-tile and wood floors, built-in bookcases, and a fireplace. And, of course, its pedigree.

The listing is held by Catherine Hanrahan and Lawrence Hanrahan. (Hat-tip to Creede Fitch for posting the listing and who can always be counted on to ferret out the Stengers.)