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North Loop modern wants $949K

A contemporary stands out in bungalow city

5106 Avenue H
Via Compass

When these modern and contemporary homes first started popping up in cutesy, bungalow-filled Hyde Park, some where outraged; they violated the trapped-in-amber feeling many wanted to preserve in the 1920s neighborhood. While the story is less dramatic in the adjacent North Loop neighborhood, there was still some grumbling to be heard.

Now they’re just as much a part of the ambiance as any other house—great additions, in the eyes of many—and testament to the fact that time, indeed marches on.

The 2,501-square-foot, two-story home at 5106 Avenue H has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The exterior is stucco and metal, and interiors have wood floors, high ceilings, built-ins, and a nifty kitchen/den divider that creates dining areas that mirror each other. The listing for the home is held by Austin Stowell at Compass.