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Meticulously renovated Bryker Woods bungalow hits the market for $875K

Putting the craft back in Craftsman

1903 West 32nd Street
Courtesy of Pure Realty

The Craftsman bungalow style has many iterations and interpretations, from grand to simple. The form gained popularity in the 1920s, primarily in the western US—and the small houses we often refer to as “bungalows” go back even further. Since at this point it’s such a familiar part of the housing stock in so many cities, smaller and less ostentatious versions often suffer from thoughtless flips and renovations that update features willy-nilly, stylistically speaking.

Such as the case with the house in question—at first. The owner of Artpads, a company that designs and curates artful vacation rentals, purchased the Bryker Woods bunglaow with the intention of making it his home. While those plans changed, the company did a top-notch remodel, respecting the original style and integrating appropriate updates to impressive effect.

Built in 1949, the 1728-square-foot features 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms, an open concept living area, and an oversized master bedroom and kitchen that both open to a large back deck and yard with several areas for entertaining.

The home at 1903 West 32nd Street was listed today but will be shown to preapproved buyers only via open house this weekend. Kiel Schmidt at Pure Realty holds the listing.