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Unusual ‘Zig Zag’ duplex asks $850K

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Unique modern design in Govalle

Photo of a contemporary new duplex exterior. It’s a two-story building with a flat roof and flat overhands on the first floor. The front planes of both duplexes are staggered, creating a zigzag pattern.
Zig Zag duplex
Leonid Furmansky

While it’s unclear what the hefty price tag for this new build in Govalle might indicate about the direction the neighborhood is going (or has already gone), there’s no denying that the the two-story duplex is a looker.

Designed and developed by Austin’s CoXist Studio, the home was dubbed the “Zig Zag Duplex” for its inventive design. The connected units are staggered so that they connect only at stairwells, and the second floor undulates in a manner that create different shadow patterns throughout the day, according to the designers. Large, sliding doors connect interiors to outdoor spaces, which are private to each unit and generously sized.

Inside, the 2,118-square-foot unit features wood, concrete, and hard tile floors as well as high-end and on-trend finishes and fixtures. The stucco home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and three bathrooms. Located at 3110 Govalle Avenue, Unit B , it’s listed by Wes Womack of Womack Real Estate.

Photo of a living room with an open plan. The kitchen in in back. It has a breakfast bar with four stools lined up under it. In front is a couch and a chair arranged facing a glass coffee table. There are two sliding glass doors that meet in a corner that opens on to a patio. There are stairs in the back with a slatted screen in front of theml. Leonid Furmansky
Photo of a loft bedroom with a zigzag wall featuring two large vertical picture windows. There is a bed in front of the top of the open stairwell’s metal railing. A leather butterfly chair is facing the bed. The floors are wood and ahave a fur or fake fur rug on top. There’s a TV on a metal stand against the wall between the windows. Leonid Furmansky
Photo of spare bedroom with wood floors, a clerestory window on the wall to the side of a bed and a vertical picture window in the corner of the wall opposite. There’s a low credenza style set of drawers opposite the bed. Leonid Furmansky
Photo of part of a bathroom with a rectangular porcelain sink on an open metal stand with a center shelf, a round mirror, and sliding glass doors leading to a shower. Leonid Furmansky
Photo of part of a bathroom with a long counter with two sinks and wood-fronted cabinets wit a long mirror in back and a long clerestory window above. Leonid Furmansky
Photo of a balcony with a wood deck and roof overhang. There’s a wood wall in back and stucco wall on the side. Two wicker chairs are arrnged on a rug with floor pillows facing a metal railing. There are tall potted plants in the corner. Leonid Furmansky