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Windsor Park midcentury classic seeks $430K

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But are those putting greens?

Exterior photo of a midcentury modern style house with low, horizontal ines, a flat roof, and a stone half-wall facade. There’s a stone chimney on the right side of the roof. There are paneled rollout windows in rows on each side of the house. The small entryway is slightly recessed. There’s a pebble lawn with two circular plots of grass in front.
2815 Vernon Avenue
Via Jovio

The Windsor Park neighborhood in northeast Austin is still somewhat of a dream destination for lovers of midcentury-modern and ranch-style homes who are looking to buy in the lower $300,000 to upper (if one must) $400,000 price range. This one-story stone home is, first of all, the rare pier-and-beam house of its style in the area and, two, ample in historic details from its 1952 build date. Bonus: Someone took that atomic-age spirit and ran with it, though not necessarily in the spirit of Richard Neutra or even a Joseph Eichler—or maybe in the spirit of Eichler—if only in the sense of inspiration and loose interpretation.

The point is: Its interiors are colorful in a way that some will find delightful and some will not. Regardless, classic midcentury features such as big rollout windows, a wall-sized stone fireplace that continues as an outdoor wall, wood floors, and clerestory windows, as well as kitchen and bathroom tile that’s not necessarily midcentury but is vintage, are there in abundance. The buyer can love and leave the paint or change it, but the essential features come through either way.

The low, horizontal lines of the building, as well as the carport, are more midcentury tells. There’s a pool in back, and low-maintenance landscaping that includes two green circles in the front lawn that may or may not be putting greens. The listing for the home at 2815 Vernon Avenue is held by Devin Dvorak at Jovio. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,486 square feet.