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Updated midcentury cottage in Tarrytown seeks $970K

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Built in 1950, a renovated home keeps its original charm

2207 Hopi Trail

Someday, we’ll have a pop quiz on the amount of square footage the term “cottage: connotes in different neighborhoods. Today is not that day, although it’s illuminating to note that in Tarrytown, the label is applied to vintage, one-story home measuring 1,621 square feet.

Built in 1950, the home hews to a more traditional style, although there might be a midcentury-modern vibe under all the flowing drapery and velvet-covered furniture. It does have wood floors, after all, as well as large windows, built-in bookcases, and a bright, cozy kitchen. The large, fenced backyard and small, leafy street make for a tranquil-looking, private environment—also a big selling point. The

The home at 2201 Hopi Trail has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. this lovely home shows beautifully as a peaceful sanctuary. The listing is held by Beth Carter at Compass.