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You can now live in Austin’s beloved Streamline Moderne McFarland House

The renovated home is leasing for $3,500 per month

A well-known, much-loved, now-landmarked Streamline Moderne building in central Austin is on the market again—this time (or again) as a rental. Now called the McFarland House, the home at 3805 Red River Street is now leasing for $3,500 per month.

Built in 1947, the former family and rental home was the site of a longstanding zoning battle until it was landmarked by the city’s Historic Landmark Commission in 2014. After it was briefly listed for purchase on the market, it was purchased by Preservation Austin in 2019. The nonprofit heritage group made relatively quick work of restoring house and just put it on the rental market for $3,500 per month.

Located in the Hancock neighborhood, the 1,958-square-foot building is one of only three remaining Austin homes designed in the Streamline Moderne style—an Art Deco successor that was influenced by industrial design, particularly the sleek look of ocean liners and railroad engines, of the 1930s. Like many of those buildings, the McFarland House features a flat roof with curved corners, mirrored by horizontal features such as the wraparound second-floor balcony and painted band below, and the porthole windows and decorative features, rounded corners, and industrial-style railings all contribute to its execution of the style. The first-floor roof extension over a detached driveway and drive-through carport contribute to the substantial but fun profile.

Preservation Austin has restored a number of the building’s original features, including colorful tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, the limestone fireplace mantel, and its steel casement windows. It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms and features high ceilings, French doors, and a two-car carport. Alyson McGee at JB Goodwin holds the rental listing.