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Distinctive contemporary in Zilker wants $1M

Loving the aughties

Exterior photo of the front of a blocky rectangular one-story house with an attached one-car carport on the left. Its primary materials are stucco with steal and weathering steel supporting elements and edges. A horizontal strip in the middle of the front wall contains two sets of casement-style picture windows with a square of wood shingled siding between them.
2011 Peach Tree Street
Via Moreland Properties

Remember when open floor plans were cool? Okay, that’s been the case for a while, and while we as a culture might have overfed on them a bit, they can be still be pretty great. As usual, it’s all about how they’re designed. In the early aughts, much excitement coalesced around the combination of such plans combined with very high ceilings, industrial-style kitchens and appliances, and just a general loft-like look—even if they were far from any warehouse conversions.

Long story somewhat shorter: This single-family residence at 2011 Peach Tree Street—built, probably coincidentally, in 2011—is a fine representation of how that aesthetic manifested locally. Nestled in cozy but not crammed lot in the Zilker neighborhood, the one-story, 1,690-square-foot home combines modern lines and rustic, sometimes raw materials such as concrete, stucco, steel, and wood in ways that create both warmth and lightness. The home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as (surprise!) a separate dining area, a fenced yard with a patio and plenty of entertainment space, and a one-car carport.

Asking $1,025,500, the home is listed by Clayton Bullock at Moreland Properties.