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Ranch-style looker asks a relatively modest $360K

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Stylish and ’70’s in Garrison Park

1110 Speer Lane
Via Realty Austin

In the recent but steady migration south from 78704 to 78745, home-hunters and investors have found a great many 1970s ranch homes, often well-kept and with good bones, with big yards and garages and the whole nine as far as a certain style of family living goes. The updating of the home comes soon after its discovery, usually, or before it’s put on the market by its current residents.

This one-story, ranch-style house in Garrison Park is one such home, and it’s asking a not-bad price—or at least one that is surely substantially lower per square foot than one can find in the neighborhoods just to its north. It’s also had a good-looking renovation, with fresh paint and cedar accents outside and wood floors, fresh tile, modern light fixtures, and other good-looking, fun updates. Located at 1110 Speer Lane, the 1,025-square-foot home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a fireplace, a fenced backyard, and a two-car garage. The listing is held by Adam Walker at Realty Housing.