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1960s time capsule in Rosedale seeks $970K

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Must love paneling

Exterior shot of a ranch-style home built in 1960. The garage extends out from the house and has a gabled roof. Its brick wall has three symmetrical rectangular shapes made of breeze block. The house is brick.
4506 Erin Lane
Via Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty

People who love what is loosely called the midcentury-modern look—a style that peaked in popularity in the early 1960s but went on, with variations, well into the 1970s—rarely get to see it in its original form. That’s especially true of the homes of that aren’t well known by designers who are equally obscure or nonexistent in any sense that is separate from the builder.

Not true of this custom-built Rosedale home on the market, which was built in 1960 and has had only one owner over the passing decades and appears to have almost all of its original features intact. While the tastes of the era and of individuals living in the homes of the time can be shocking to those who have only seen the era remodeled or recreated, they also have the pleasure of viewing midcentury variations that are neither cookie-cutter perfect nor particularly faithful to its tropes. There’s a lot of individuality here, in other words.

The one-story brick home is also large for its era, at 3,048 square feet, and has three large bedrooms and three bathrooms. Its style looks toward the 1970s ranch house in some ways—the layout, the peaked roofs, the carpet, the chandeliers, and the sheer amount of paneling—but there’s plenty of MCM here, too, with interior brick walls and a fireplace, original light fixtures throughout, beamed ceilings, pink bathroom tile, formica counters, and terrazzo floors.

The listing for the home at 4505 Erin Lane is held by Ryan Rogers of Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty. It’s on the market for $970,000.